AppleCake Sandwiches

My little boy started a new school this week and I have been packing these AppleCake sandwiches in his lunch as a sweet snack…. something healthy, easy and fun for him to eat during his day away from home!  I only shared my Mott’s AppleCake recipe on Spanglish Baby…. you’ll have to click here to read the recipe.  Make sure to pack your kid an AppleCake Sandwich, or heck, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these delights!

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4 Responses to AppleCake Sandwiches

  1. This looks perfect for after school snacks or school lunches! Thanks for sharing. Headed over to Spanglish Baby now..

  2. Just curious, how do you keep the apple from browning before lunchtime?

  3. This looks absolutely delicious!!!

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