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Whole Foods Market- May the Best Butcher Win!

There’s a reason I buy my meat at Whole Foods Market, it’s not just the gorgeousness of the market.  Or the fact that I love the deli section, or that everything in the display cases looks as if it’s been … Continue reading

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Honey Brie Cups

Bonjour Juliette!      What’s new in your neck of the woods?  Just wanted to let you know that these little honey brie cups remind me of our visit to Seine-et-Marne.  Remember the insane laugh attacks we had roaming the … Continue reading

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Maestro, I had a Block Party and we danced to El Paso Positivo!

I’ve been doing so well this early into Summer with my Shape Up regimen.  I have a good exercise routine in place…. Either a hot dose of Bikram Yoga or dancing to El Paso Positivo song with my arms flailing … Continue reading

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Float away with me Peachy Peach

If I could float away into the world of soda and ice cream I would.  I love the foamy substance a float produces up top, it makes scooping out the ice cream with a spoon and gulping down the soda … Continue reading

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Lavender Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta – Toma Leche!

I dream of sweets all the time but in the warmest season of the year, they seem like such a task to make.  I picture the sweaty kitchen and think twice about dessert creating.  Until recently that was the case… … Continue reading

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Glazed Donut Strawberry Burger

 Me, screaming out my window: “Forget about National Jelly Filled Donut Day, which happens to be June 8th, I have glazed donut strawberry burgers.  Sappily Sugary Sweet donuts STUFFED with my favorite berry…. Strawberries!  Serve them on a plate for … Continue reading

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The Nation’s Top Latina Bloggers visit the White House

You can imagine the excitement that ran through my bones when I opened my official invite to the White House through LATISM.  “Wow! Really? I was chosen as one of the TOP 70 LATINA BLOGGERS in the NATION!”  Out of … Continue reading

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Turkey Chorizo Chili Dogs

My family gets together for hot summer fun days throughout the warm months of June, July, and August.  You can bet your bottom dollar there will be water balloon fights involved, swimming, and lots of laughter.  The food is always … Continue reading

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