Sunday morning breakfast is what comes to mind when the word “Chilaquiles” passes my lips.  It is the breakfast that I have been enjoying since I could identify a date and time.  The old traditional Mexican dish has made me and my family come back time and time again and beg for more.  This simple dish is super easy to make and is not only enjoyed in the morning but really could be eaten at any time of the day…and it is!  What I love most about Chilaquiles is I usually have all the ingredients on hand and can whip them up whenever I get a hankering for the comfortable dish that tastes like enchiladas.  Some people make them with red chile, and some people prepare them with green chile, and if you serve both types on a plate side by side they are called “Chilaquiles Divorciados.”  I’ve had them smoothered in mole too. Wowsa…. my mouth just watered.  All sauces are a great compliment to the fried corn tortilla triangles that are pleading to be topped with cheese.  I tend to use a variety of cheeses on mine, but traditionally Queso fresco holds court on this recipe.

The next time you are having a brunch with friends or making a cozy breakfast for 2, I highly recommend Chilaquiles.  YOU HAVE to make a side of refried beans for this dish. Or team up your chilaquiles with a sunny side up runny yolk egg.  Actually I sometimes put egg right into the mixture while it’s cooking and mix it all up.   Avocados can be the best friend and title Cilantro the mascot.  Don’t forget the CREMA as the final step to bring this whole meal together…. drizzle it right up on top and now we’re talking. Crunchy. Cheesy. Creamy. Spicy. Delicious!

Ingredients for chilaquiles:

12- corn tortillas (cut into 8 triangles per tortilla)

3/4 – cup vegetable oil

1/3 cup chopped onion

1 – cup enchilada sauce

1/3 – cup grated enchilado cheese

1/3 – cup grated jack cheese

1/3 – cup crumbled queso fresco

3 to 4 – tablespoons crema

1/8 – cup cilantro leaves

Avocado slices


In a large frying pan over medium flame add oil and allow to get hot.  Then add 1/4 the amount of tortilla triangles and fry on either side till hard, crisp and golden.


Remove from pan on a paper towel lined bowl to drain.  Repeat with remaining tortilla triangles till all are fried.  Set to the side.

If there is still a puddle of oil in the pan discard it.

In the same pan add chopped onion and saute over a medium flame for a minute or two.


Then add crisp tortilla triangles back to the pan and mix in the onion.

Next pour your enchilada sauce over the top and mix well.  Let them cook for a few minutes to dry out the sauce a little.


Then top with enchilado and jack cheese.  Mix to incorporate and allow to melt in.

Remove from pan and top with queso fresco, crema, cilantro, and avocado.

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with the California Milk Advisory Board. The opinions and tips are my own.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley
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10 Responses to Chilaquiles

  1. Jennifer says:

    Mouth watering! I am a mole FIEND and would use mole instead of red or green enchilada sauce on this. Have you ever added some chicken breast or pork for protein?

    • Nicole says:

      I usually add some sort of protein to my chilaquiles…. Chicken or pork chorizo are my two favorites. For this recipe I wanted to keep it as simple and basic as possible. It’s an introduction to the person who has never had Chilaquiles or tried making them at home. I’m a mole girl too BTW. 🙂

  2. Katie - OCMomActivities says:

    Sounds sooo yummy!!! I want to try these this weekend!

  3. I tear this up every time I go to Mexico…it’s quite ridiculous, actually. I’ve never made them and I’m afraid b/c it’s one of those hearty dishes I’d want to make every Sunday morning! Sigh.

  4. RubyDW says:

    nom nom nom I make mine extra crispy and i’m a chicken i totally use tomato sauce i cant handle the spicy foods (sad mexicana moment) and cacique is a must!!! thanks for sharing!

  5. Unknown Mami says:

    If I weren’t already married, I’d ask you to marry me. I’m lucky though because my non-Latino husband makes some darned good chilaquiles. My mother taught him to make the sauce from scratch and I’ve never had to make them again, but I do enjoy devouring them.

  6. Caryn B says:

    Delish And vegetarian right? I’d love to try to make these

  7. This is so something that I make/would like to make. I do a much simpler version, mainly because I’m easy to please so I just mix tomato sauce, tortillas and eggs. Does that count as chilaquiles? I can tell you though, that I will do my best to take the extra step and do them as wonderful as yours. Love the aguacate at the end. Yum!

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