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I pledge to be a Positivity Ambassador!

  Positivity comes in many forms:  It could be the feeling you find in the warm of a bath or the sunny out-look you wake up with in the morning or the sensation you get at the end of a … Continue reading

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Hash Brown Crusted Chorizo Jalapeno Quiche!

Alright, here’s the story.  I have a breakfast blog called “The Two Good Eggs” I co-write with my good friend Ericka Sanchez (Nibbles and Feasts).  A couple of weeks ago we filmed a video for our breakfast blog and this … Continue reading

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Having a PAR-TAY with ROTEL! Plus a GIVEAWAY.

I hear the word ‘party’ and my eyes light up.  I don’t need a reason to celebrate, something as easy as a game day with some friends is reason enough for me.  I instantly go into food mode, start craving … Continue reading

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Sunday morning breakfast is what comes to mind when the word “Chilaquiles” passes my lips.  It is the breakfast that I have been enjoying since I could identify a date and time.  The old traditional Mexican dish has made me … Continue reading

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Chicken Enchiladas in Avocado Cilantro Sauce

It’s a real head scratcher when I come across a person who says they don’t enjoy Avocados.  I just don’t understand.  I can’t comprehend it cuz I LOVE Avocados.  It’s a wonderful thing Avocados from Mexico are available year round because … Continue reading

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Sweet Mango Up-Side Down Cake for my Mom!

That’s a picture of my Mom.  I have always been insanely attached to her.  She is the center of my world and if you know me, there is a good chance you know my mom too.  We are inseparable.  She … Continue reading

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Just call me a “California Latina Dairy Diva”

Recently I joined the ranks of The California Latina Dairy Divas.  Mind you, I don’t take this title lightly.  I have always been a big cheese girl and to be a part of this group nearly brought me tears of … Continue reading

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