Chocolate Banana COOL WHIP Cake!

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Some folks go to culinary school, some folks have a momma, dad or grandma who was a master in the kitchen, or some folks were just born with it…. where you pick up your baking chops depends on the individual and their journey into the kitchen oven.  For me, I think the baking gene was instilled deep in my DNA.  It was just a question of time when I would discover it.

It was summer of 1992, my aunt had just moved into a cute condo in Los Feliz, CA and I took it upon myself to make her kitchen my second home and really practice my baking.  At the time I didn’t have much experience to fall back on other than a few tips from my 10th grade home economics class and knew I had to take baby steps into honing my skills.  This was going to take lots of trail and error. There was no cooking shows of any kind at that time to refer to other than the occasional Julia Childs re-run on PBS…. basically I was on my own.

I was dreaming of chocolate cake with bananas and a light icing, like the cakes from the Asian bakeries that I had tasted so many times growing up.  I wanted it to be fluffy and full of flavor but not overpowering.  I grabbed a box of Devil’s Food cake mix and followed the instructions on the back of the box then I sliced up three ripe bananas placed them in the middle of my freshly baked cakes and topped the whole thing with COOL WHIP.  Voilá!  My first attempt at baking came to life and it was beyond delicious. I must have baked that same exact cake 100 times that year.  Everybody I knew got some and loved it.  Soon it was being requested for every occasion and for no reason at all.  This was the cake that allowed me to take my baking training wheels off and ride free into the world of cake making.  I love this cake, it’s so simple and yet unforgettable.  Fast forward 20 years, my son Max is a big fan as well.  No matter how much I’ve grown in the baking arena, I will always revert back to where I started, by baking this special treat…. Chocolate Banana COOL WHIP Cake…. this is where my roots are at.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

Ingredients for Chocolate Banana COOL WHIP Cake:

1 – box of devil’s food chocolate cake mix (bake 2- round 8″ inch cakes according to package)

3 – ripe bananas

2 – 8 oz. containers COOL WHIP


Take one round cake and place on a cake stand. Then take half of one COOL WHIP container and spread it on cake.


Then slice the bananas and place on top of frosted cake. It’s okay to pile some on top of each other.


Now place your second cake on top of banana layer.

Now for the COOL WHIP…. Take the other half of the first container of COOL WHIP and frost the sides.

Then take the other container and frost the entire cake! Sprinkle with little candy sprinkles on top and make this everyday dessert part of your family happiness.

My boy is thinking “Is this your piece, because the rest of the cake is mine!” #FMcoolwhipmoms

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