Webisode 3: Capirotada

Number 3! Capirotada. Do you know capirotada? Delicious Mexican bread pudding is having a celebration in this webisode with the help of the MAGICAL COMIDA GENIE.  Is she a friend or foe? It’s yet to be seen. Click above to watch it all unfold.

For the printed recipe…. click here.

A very warm and grateful THANK YOU to my AMAZING crew! I sincerely heart you guys!

Directors:  Mando Lopez and James Ford
Director of Photography:  Tony Molina
Producer:  Lacey Reilly
 Editor:  James Ford
Set Design:  Mando Lopez
Still photos and camera assistant :  Luz Gallardo
Genie costume and Flavio: Kristen Warren
Sound:  Bo Chung
Equipment: Paul Hopkins
Music: Anger Bros
Make- up/Genie: Janine Presley


In memory of Neil Polidori, may he rest in peace.

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30 Responses to Webisode 3: Capirotada

  1. Que delicia!!!!!! I’m so hungry!!! I love the video, I love it!!!

  2. Great job Nicole! What an amazing crew and of course webisode host! Thanks for introducing me to Mexican bread pudding!

  3. Nicole, this is hilarious! The perfect way to learn how to make capirotada.
    So funny! Are you still trapped in the pan?

  4. Ericka says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! That comida genie is a RATA! I want her turban with the chicken leg. Hilarious!!

  5. Sandra Ruiz says:

    Nicole you are a genius!! I absolutely loved the video! Your webisodes are so original and entertaining! great job! 🙂

  6. Eva Smith says:

    Love it! Made me laugh and want some Capirotada! Yummmy!

  7. javi lokes says:


    Haha. Ayy Nicole, your episodes keep getting better and better. I feel so proud to have a friend that is so creative and that doesn’t give a f*ck! Cheers to changing the linear, boring-ass ways that food shows are generally made and melding Mexican food classics with Chicano surrealist satire!

  8. That was great! Loved your webisode! Made me want Capirotada…YUM! YUM! I never thought about using pan dulce….:)

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  10. The end was my fave! Que rata!! Great work!

  11. Unknown Mami says:

    Wait, did you just give me the finger and call me sucka!

  12. Sujeiry says:

    Ok. I’m convinced. You have to have your own cooking show on television for kids! I can see families sitting down to watch you and the magical comida genie lol. Cute video!

  13. perudelights says:

    Love this video, just pinned it.

  14. Monica says:

    Cannot stop laughing. This is so crazy and delicious all in one. Bien hecho, mama!

  15. And you did it again, mija!!! Another hit…and a Flavio comeback!

  16. itsnancy says:

    In my house my sweet mother calls piloncillo PANOCHA!!, I love your using conchas instead of bolillo, soory Flavio!! just keeping it real!! The sugar toping is amazeballs. =D

  17. rachel says:

    what a RATA! haha. Love it! So funny. I never heard of this dish! I wonder what it tastes like. Looks amazing.

  18. Farah says:

    I am just sooo hooked on your blog and videos…you really blew me away!!! but what is the best of it all?? You are such a sweetheart in person!! I am a fan for life.
    I gotta say i am starving now….hope we stay in touch!!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Good God that looks/sounds delicious.

  20. You are soooooooo cute!! I could watch this video over and over and over!! Sounds delish too!

  21. Mama Bub says:

    Ha! You’re so cute on this video and this look delicious!

  22. Jamie says:

    This is hilarious!!! Great job with the video.

  23. It’s past midnight and this just made me extremely hungry! Wonderful video and recipe – great work!

  24. Caryn B says:

    I LOVE your webisodes! I want to have your skill and confidence in the kitchen : )

  25. Aracely says:

    Capirotada… brings back childhood memories. I’ve always been afraid to give it a try on my own. But i’m going to try now!

  26. I love your energy, your verve, your fearless performance. Felicitaciones!

  27. Jenn Willey says:

    What fun. Love the video!

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