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Strawberry Lemonade…. My Sandwich Companion

My grandfather is a sandwich lover.  He always eats a sandwich on days where the temperature tips the thermometer anywhere over 83 degrees.  I have so many childhood memories of my grandfather’s crumbs left on an empty plate… evidence a … Continue reading

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Coachella: A Festival for The Senses

Nothing could prepare me for the 103 degree heat that slathered my skin as I got out of the air conditioned car to head into the Coachella Festival 2012.  But once my eyes feasted on my surroundings, the colorful people, … Continue reading

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Camp Blogaway! My interview with curator Patti Londre

With Camp Blogaway just around the corner, my anticipation grows with excitement. Camp Blogaway is one of the most exclusive conferences a food blogger can attend. Only 100 lucky attendees will join the group for a weekend up in the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Banana COOL WHIP Cake!

Thank you COOL WHIP for sponsoring this post. Join us on Facebook for inspiration and recipes for everyday treats. What you add makes it. #coolwhipmoms Some folks go to culinary school, some folks have a momma, dad or grandma who … Continue reading

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich ala Manchego, Fig Jam and Prosciutto

Seeing how April is national Grilled Cheese month, I couldn’t let another day slip by without saluting one of my favorite things in the whole world…. the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  I usually whip up a grilled cheese sandwich when I … Continue reading

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Webisode 3: Capirotada

Number 3! Capirotada. Do you know capirotada? Delicious Mexican bread pudding is having a celebration in this webisode with the help of the MAGICAL COMIDA GENIE.  Is she a friend or foe? It’s yet to be seen. Click above to … Continue reading

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Ambrosia Salad

Easter just wouldn’t be complete without the presence of an ambrosia salad.  I love this colorful, sweet and creamy salad. Some people make it with fruit cocktail, but my family prepares this little gem of a salad with mostly fresh … Continue reading

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How to make Confetti Eggs!

This is what happens when you get me and Ericka Sanchez from Nibbles and Feasts together….. We make confetti eggs to celebrate Easter with! Hippity Hoppity your way over to The Two Good Eggs and check out our HOW TO … Continue reading

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