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Pixie Tangerines from Ojai, the charmed sphere.

What a difference in perspective you gain from seeing where fruit comes from 1st hand. I’ve been to the Farmer’s Markets a million times but still didn’t gather all that goes into the care and growth of the fruits or … Continue reading

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My Shrimp Tater Tacos make Lent the best time of year.

Today marks the beginning of Lent…. Ash Wednesday…. Religious or not, for some reason if you are Latino you usually practice the rituals of Lent. Which basically boils down to no meat on Friday’s (with the exception of seafood) from … Continue reading

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A gift for you FAT TUESDAY… Buchanan Whiskey’s Pineapple Cooler!

Now I understand why Buchanan’s is one of the best and most popular whiskeys in Mexico and other Latin American countries.  I had a chance to swish some Buchanan’s Master Whiskey around in my mouth a few weeks ago and could taste the notes of … Continue reading

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Chicken Pasilla Empanadas!

My friend Gicel knocked at my back door which leads to my kitchen.   I open up to let her in and asked “Do you want an empanada?” She said in an inquisitive voice “Where did you buy them from?” … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

It’s official…. Presley’s Pantry is 1 year old.  It’s growing up so fast. 🙂  Thank you to all the people who have supported me along the way!  I sincerely appreciate it and promise to continue making yummy things to eat. … Continue reading

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Latino Foodie create a tasting menu sparked by Nestle!

As a rule of thumb, I surround myself with nice people. I like it better when these nice people become friends and love to eat and cook, just like me.  Sunday night my man and I headed out to an … Continue reading

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I Heart Mac and Cheese Cups!

I learned to listen to my heart long ago…. it’s just as powerful as the mind, and equally as wise.  Even if I refused to listen, it makes itself heard.  The heart wants what it wants….  it could be a … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Choco-Flan for your Special Valentine

Having a toddler really makes you appreciate your plastic ware….  I can’t tell you how many of my glass measuring cups and spoons have met their demise shattered all over my kitchen floor.  The light bulb went on and I … Continue reading

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February is Potato Lover’s Month: Casuelitas Video Recipe!

Not only is February the month for sweet amor,  it’s Potato Lovers Month too.  In addition to the many potato dishes that we all know and love (e.g. baked potatoes, hash browns or mashed), let’s celebrate other courses made with … Continue reading

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