In the Snack of time: Kinder Happy Hippo

 Snackas of the day:  I am such a huge fan of all candy Kinder.  Being a lover of toys and chocolate, I fell head over heels with the Kinder Egg many many moons ago.  So it came as no surprise when I stumbled on it’s cute cousin called Kinder Happy Hippo.  This cookie candy hybrid in it’s playful hippo shape entices the kid in me but satisfies my adult palate.  It’s crunchy crisp wafer like shell is filled with a creamy hazelnut and milk filling, then dipped in white chocolate and meringue crumbs.  So yummy.  They make a chocolate cream version too….. I heart them both.  They are hard to find here in the United States but when you run across them, grab with both hands.  Or if you find yourself in Europe, load your suitcase up and bring them home to your friends and loved ones.

Side note: Kinder Happy Hippo is made by Ferrero SpA, they also make Nutella…. That’s what I’m talking about.

Photos taken by: Mando Lopez

Here’s what the packaging looks like:

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post…. Just a candy/cookie I love wholeheartedly and purchased with my own dough. 🙂
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8 Responses to In the Snack of time: Kinder Happy Hippo

  1. I LOVED these! Too cute to eat but I still do. 🙂

  2. Aren’t they just the cutest snack ever??? My kiddies love these! Actually, I don’t think there’s a Kinder snack/treat we don’t like! 😛 (They’re very popular here in Mexico.) Do they have the Kinder Delice chocolate cake bars in the States? My hubby is seriously addicted to them! 🙂

  3. Uchi says:

    my daughter loves kinder.. so cute!

  4. Me encanta esta marca y todos sus productos!! Definitivamente tenemos que planear un lunch en LA.

  5. Wow, cute chocolate. So crispy.. can’t wait to buy it. thanks for sharing…

  6. Fish says:

    A friend of ours brought us a box of these from Pirate O’s in Utah.
    OMG they were for our kids. they will never know how fabulous these things are.
    my wife and I are keeping them for ourselves. too good for kids. perfect tea time treat. i’m doomed there is a pirate O’s up the street from my store. need to reload….
    best treat i’ve had in years xoxo

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