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Webisode 2: Egg Roll Recipe.

I’m thankful to be able to share this second webisode with you.  It was certainly a labor of love and we (my crew and I) are more than thrilled with the outcome.  Enjoy yourself some egg rolls! A BIG BIG … Continue reading

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Pizza making: Step 2 – Presley’s Pizza Pie!

My english teacher in high school asked the class to write an essay describing what type of animal best describes each of our own personalities.  Based on the mere fact that I love cheese, I quickly knew I would be … Continue reading

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Corn Blinis topped with Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Cotija Cheese and Chives. Perfect snack for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl is less then two weeks away…. Let the party planning begin!  Is Tom Brady your man?  Or are you Eli Manning all the way?  To be honest with you, I’m not a big football fan, but I LOVE … Continue reading

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Pizza making: Step 1: How to make Rosemary Pizza Dough

“Pizza Pie, Pizza Pie” is the chant that is sung in my home in a big burly voice.  It is the call that let’s the tribe know there will be pizza in the oven soon.  We will mark the day … Continue reading

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In the Snack of time: Kinder Happy Hippo

 Snackas of the day:  I am such a huge fan of all candy Kinder.  Being a lover of toys and chocolate, I fell head over heels with the Kinder Egg many many moons ago.  So it came as no surprise … Continue reading

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Salmon Cakes for the one you LOVE!

The gorgeous salmon cake takes the spotlight.  This is the dish you pull out when you simply want to show someone you love them.  Packed with omega 3s, and one of the tastiest little cakes known to man.  This cake … Continue reading

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How to make Poached Salmon!

    I usually poach salmon first in order to make salmon cakes….. That’s exactly what I’m doing.  Here is part one of a simple two day process. Day one is just for poaching…. honestly if you want to quit … Continue reading

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Pappardelle Pasta in Cheese Sauce with Ham, Mushrooms, and Peas.

It’s a strange place to be positioned in where I love Italian food and my nearest and dearest don’t.  This makes for a difficult outing on a Tuesday night when I’m craving pasta, but somehow never get to it.  I … Continue reading

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Hot Toddy – The Perfect Nightcap.

 Every so often the evening is in order for a nightcap.  Something that will fray the tension of the day to the sidelines and bring sleep to a cozy snuggle.  I happen to favor the Hot Toddy.  I remember exactly … Continue reading

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