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The Milk TWITTER PARTY!!!!!!

    Who loves Milk?  How many of you are on Twitter?  Can I please see a show of hands? WOW!  That’s more than half the blog-o-sphere…..  Well with that being said….  LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!!!  Latina Mom Bloggers, The Positivity … Continue reading

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Patina Alumni Dinner- November 2, 2011

For some reason Wednesday night the stars aligned in my favor and I was able to get a seat at the sought after Patina Alumni Dinner.  The one night event was the 22nd anniversary of the celebrated Patina Restaurant highlighting … Continue reading

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My boy sure LOVES Arroz con Leche! I do too actually.

Do you remember all the great commercials on TV when we were kids?  Okay, maybe I’m dating myself by admitting this but every commercial had a catchy tune to it in the 80’s. “I don’t want to grow up, I’m … Continue reading

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In the Snack of Time: Latin Recipes – Grilled Bacon Bean and Cheese Burrito! In some circles it’s called a Chimichanga.

When I elect to go for the gusto….there is no holding me back.  Yes I love bacon, but more than that I heart a slab of beans and cheese smeared in a flour tortilla.  Who doesn’t?  This is a sneak … Continue reading

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