Disney-Interactive HALLOWEEN Party pictures! Plus….How to make Jack Skellington Cupcakes!

 It’s not everyday I get invited to the Disney Studio Lot for a Halloween Party.  Boy was it a nice one.  Lots of activities for the kiddies, but an equal amount of fun for adults too.  Or maybe I just relish in childish venture.  There was a ton of video games, craft making, cookie decorating, a drawing station, and a costume contest.  The excitement didn’t end there…. we got a tour of the studio back lot.  I felt like a fly on the wall walking the halls of the animation building.  Looking at old posters and glazing over vintage collectables from the archives.  It was indeed a lucky day.  I snapped a few pictures along the way, let me give you a peak.



Back at the Party the snacks were in full swing. Mini burgers, mac and cheese cupcakes, caprese salad, ceasar salad, chicken skewers, candied apples, Mickey Mouse cupcakes and Jack Skellington  cupcakes too.

  These cupcakes would be the perfect HALLOWEEN treat. Why don’t you make them?Here’s how.

You’ll need:

  • Batch of chocolate cupcakes
  • White buttercream frosting
  • 2 toothpicks
  • Tube of black decorator’s icing


  1. Frost the cupcakes.
  2. For each cupcake, use the tip of a toothpick to lightly etch the outline of two large Jack Skellington eyes in the frosting.
  3. Slowly pipe black decorator’s icing onto the etched lines and then fill in the inner circles. Use another toothpick to spread and smooth the icing.
  4. Pipe on two short lines for a nose. Next, pipe a long line across the bottom of the cupcake for the mouth. For the finishing spooky touch, randomly top the mouth with a bunch of short icing barbs.

Thank you Disney for inviting me and my family to your wonderful party. We had too much fun!

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley and Mando Lopez.  Except the Jack Skellington Cupcake photo is courtesy of Disney Family.com

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8 Responses to Disney-Interactive HALLOWEEN Party pictures! Plus….How to make Jack Skellington Cupcakes!

  1. What fun! My girls would love those treats =) ps. the costumes look great!

  2. Monica says:

    HILARIOUS! I love your costume!! And the food is great, too. :)

  3. Susan Padilla says:

    Good pictures….I see your enjoying your DAY…

  4. How fun!!! :D Love both of your costumes! And all of the food looks delicious! If you want to send me some of those candy apples down to Mexico, I wouldn’t mind! :)

  5. Patty at A Day in My NYC says:

    What an awesome experience! I love the costume! I would love a Disney tour and special event :) I feel like such a kid when I was there a few years ago.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Already get everything I need to make them for Isabella and Brooklyn’s class; they look fabulous

  7. Looks like so much fun! And LOVE the costumes :)

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