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What to do with pumpkin seeds? Make spicy curry pumpkin seeds or HALLOWEEN maracas for all to hear!

While the rest of the United States was busy dressing up for Halloween parties on Saturday night, my little family and I decided on some crafty fun.  We carved our pumpkin and scooped out the seeds to make spicy curry … Continue reading

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Bertolli Soup for Two!

Try to imagine the sound of a hundred little lady-bugs on a marching line playing snare drums, slightly out of sync.  That’s what the rain sounds like when it hits the awning outside my window.  I wait for that sound because … Continue reading

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Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Pan de Muerto recipe… Embraced Rituals.

 I’ve been celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) since I was a young girl.  As I get older, the holiday grows in importance.  Over the years I have lost many who are near and dear to me. … Continue reading

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Lick your chops! It’s time for Pistachio Meatballs with Gravy and Rice!

  I find it interesting when my Mom recounts the days of her youth.  She tells it in a very matter of fact tone.  For the most part it was an unfair childhood, but the way my Mom paints it you … Continue reading

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Disney-Interactive HALLOWEEN Party pictures! Plus….How to make Jack Skellington Cupcakes!

 It’s not everyday I get invited to the Disney Studio Lot for a Halloween Party.  Boy was it a nice one.  Lots of activities for the kiddies, but an equal amount of fun for adults too.  Or maybe I just … Continue reading

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Halloween fun in a SPOOKY rice krispie treat graveyard!

Halloween came out of nowhere for me this year.  I am known in my circle of friends as a Halloween queen…..  I always have my costume ready weeks in advance and try and make it myself.  I’m NOT the store … Continue reading

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Lindt Fall Recipe Contest!

Last year my Mom , my Auntie Rosie, and I made candy wreaths for Christmas and we used Lindt chocolates to give our wreaths a red accent.  I love spending time with two of the most important ladies in my … Continue reading

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Yoplait Swap! Chocolate Lemon Coconut Mini Tarts!

We are all in love with dessert.  When I think about it, I sigh…..  I never want to give my dessert love up.  I’ll sacrifice other things but I’ll be damned if dessert will be one.  So here I go … Continue reading

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Entwine! You came at the right time.

It was last Tuesday early afternoon, and my fiance says he needs my help scouting out a dive bar for a movie he is working on.  He tells me…  “It can’t be a recognizable dive bar, it has to be … Continue reading

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Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, Yoplait, and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank are making Halloween “BOO-tiful”!!!!!

 I’ve always read about Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.  I’m sure you have seen the pictures of all the celebrity moms taking their little ones to the patch….. and now I know why.  My family and I went there for the … Continue reading

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