Mole a Mole – 4th Annual Feria de Los Moles (‘moh-leh’)

Mole.  What a delectable dish.  Certainly not the easiest thing to make.  One of the many gifts of living in Los Angeles is all the different styles and tastes of prepared mole that one can buy.  Whether it be from a vendor or restaurant.  Recently I was invited to a private mole tasting at Dona Socorro’s (founding member of ‘La Feria de los Moles’) home.  It was the perfect demonstration of two of the most traditional mole styles, Puebla and Oaxaca.  I had both.  I can’t say there was a winner amongst the two moles…. the lucky winner was me the taster who got to enjoy two plates of sublime mole.  I was shocked to discover how many laborious hours go into making mole.  Making mole for a small amount of people will easily run you 5 hours.  Try a crowd of 25…. your looking at 10 hours.  Want enough mole to feed a big party…. it’ll take about 3 days! DAYS!  Wow, no wonder I’ve never made homemade mole.  I’m positive it’s something I’ll try doing in the near future since Dona Socorro inspired me.  In the meantime if you would like to get your hands on some delicious mole…. Then make it your business to attend the            “4th Annual La Feria de los Moles: Puebla vs. Oaxaca!”  Yes, Dona Socorro will be at the event making her famous mole! Enjoy! 

Date: October 9th, 2011

Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Place: Olvera Street

This family friendly event will have FREE admittance and food will be available for purchase.

Here’s a few pictures from the pre-tasting: 



All photos taken by: Mando Lopez

Don’t miss out on the fun!

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13 Responses to Mole a Mole – 4th Annual Feria de Los Moles (‘moh-leh’)

  1. Oh, dear goodness! I so need to live closer to L.A.

  2. I love this! I wonder if the Mexican Community does fairs like this in New York City. I think they do. I love all those colors too and the Jarrito! One of my favorite sodas.

  3. Unknown Mami says:

    Beautiful photographs! Growing up I did not like mole and didn’t eat it for many years. Then one day my SIL made me some and it would have been rude to say no. Guess what? It turns out I grew up to love mole. Love it.

  4. Sue-Helen De La Rosa says:

    LOVE mole…. I grew up with this dish so I’ve had a variety (nachos w/mole, enchiladas w/mole, and tortas w/mole). =)

  5. I absolutely LOVE mole…thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to attending this event…its on my calendar—Veronica

  6. Great photos and I love the set up! Looks like a good time. And I’m with Carrie – I need to get over to the side of the country.

  7. I really loved the photos and I really want some Mole now. I grew up with the smells of mole one of my favorite dishes. Que Rico!

  8. Looks like so much fun! I also wish I lived in L.A. Seems like there is so much to do!

  9. Sandra says:

    I love the mole.. great pictures. “Estan para chuparse los dedos” me refiero al mole.

  10. Eva Smith says:

    This mole looks yummy! Love your photos.

  11. My mom makes the best mole ever. This is another reason why I wish I lived in L.A. !!

  12. Morena says:

    What exactly goes into the preparation of Mole? I cant believe it takes that long! Why is that? Looks uber yummie though:)

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