Lay your eyes on my Coconut Flan.

I am known to adore many things, but one of my favorite foods is coconut.  I heart coconut confections, cookies, cakes, paletas,  you name it…. if one of the ingredients is coconut there is a good chance I love it.  The real truth is I have never made anything from a whole coconut, I usually buy the shredded sweetened coconut in a package, and go from there.  This time I tested my kitchen skills and decided to break open a fresh coconut to make a coconut flan.  I was nervous to see what the results would bring.  Me and my loved ones were smitten by the gorgeous scent this flan perfumed my kitchen with, so the anticipation of the actual taste was utter excitement.  ONE bite in,  I knew this flan was the one for me…. I’ll never be the same.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley 

Ingredients for coconut flan:

1 – Melissa’s Produce sweet young coconut (to make 12 oz. coconut milk)

5 – large eggs

6 – ounces cream cheese

1/2 – tablespoon almond extract

1/2 – tablespoon vanilla extract

1 – can sweetened condensed milk (14oz.)

3/4 – cup cajeta

3/4 – cup shredded sweetened coconut


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

First things first. Take your sweet young coconut and cut off the diamond shaped point on top with a sharp knife. Then poke a hole in the exposed shell and pry off the circular crown.


Drain and reserve all the liquid. Once all the liquid is drained, break the coconut in half and spoon out the flesh.


Marry the two in a blender and blend for 3 minutes to get a thick coconut milk. Then pour through a sieve and collect the coconut milk…. this should make 12 ounces.


Pour coconut milk back in the blender, along with the eggs, cream cheese, almond extract, vanilla extract, and sweetened condensed milk. Blend for a minute or until completely combined.

Spray a bundt pan with a non stick baking spray, then fill the bottom with cajeta.

Next pour in flan mixture. Then top with shredded sweetened coconut.


Cover the pan with aluminum foil and place inside a large pyrex baking dish. Pour hot water into the pyrex baking dish to fill up half way.

Then place the baking dish into the oven and bake for 1 hour.

Once out of the oven, remove from water bath and uncover to allow cooling. Run a small knife around the edge to ensure it from sticking.  Let the flan rest for one hour then flip it over onto a plate. Slowly lift pan up away from plate. Then put in the fridge for 5 hours or overnight.  ENJOY!!!!!!

No compensation was received for this post. I was provided with a sample of  Melissa’s Produce young sweet coconuts to aid this recipe. The recipe and opinions are my own.


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11 Responses to Lay your eyes on my Coconut Flan.

  1. Ericka says:

    OMG! This looks amazing!

  2. Unknown Mami says:

    Genius! Coconut and flan, two of my favorites.

  3. This looks AMAZING! You had me at flan.

  4. YvonneInLA says:

    Wow. I’m so impressed by what you did with that coconut. My coconut flan is made with a blue package of sweetened flakes. We definitely need to have a potluck so you can bring this!!

  5. I love coconut, so I know I would love this! It has been so long since I’ve made a flan and I definitely am overdue…lol. 😉

  6. Monica says:

    Wow! That’s incredible. I love it. And you make it look perfect. I bet if I tried this, there’d be cajeta everywhere…

  7. I LOVE flan but I have never been good at making desserts. I can cook anything but desserts. I think I will have to try and start with this- it looks sooooo goood!

  8. Lisa says:

    I love flan but it can’t be too “eggy”. Looks yummy!

  9. I also LOVE coconut, especially in coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog) lol. Yum!

  10. When Can I be invited to your home to eat? LOL You cooking looks so yummy amazing!

  11. great job! that was a lot of work with that fresh coconut, but it was so worth it, i’m sure of it. coconut flan is one of my best sellers! I have a client in DC that orders 3 every time I go home… it’s fantastic… And, I love to see how we all make them differently. I’ve never made flan in a cake mold. Looks gorgeous!

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