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Presley’s Strawberry Cream Hand Pies!

I woke up today and realized the month of September was coming to an end….  I smiled at the thought of fall and all my jacket wearing days that lay ahead.  Then for a brief moment I started to panick … Continue reading

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Mole a Mole – 4th Annual Feria de Los Moles (‘moh-leh’)

Mole.  What a delectable dish.  Certainly not the easiest thing to make.  One of the many gifts of living in Los Angeles is all the different styles and tastes of prepared mole that one can buy.  Whether it be from … Continue reading

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I’ve been crowned a “POSITIVITY AMBASSADOR!”

What an exciting time!  The “Master of the Glass Half Full” (pictured above dressed in white) has befriended me and I am thrilled  to help him circulate his message as a “positivity ambassador.”  The Master of the Glass Half Full is … Continue reading

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Lay your eyes on my Coconut Flan.

I am known to adore many things, but one of my favorite foods is coconut.  I heart coconut confections, cookies, cakes, paletas,  you name it…. if one of the ingredients is coconut there is a good chance I love it. … Continue reading

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Membrillo, Manchego, Crema, and Pistachios= Decadent Dessert

When I eat this dessert I feel like I should be sitting at a table surrounded by aristocrats. Oohing and Awwing over the beauty of the taste that has somehow caught people off guard.  This dessert is magical in the … Continue reading

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My food interview with the sensational, inspirational – Kim Deal of The Breeders/Pixies. Yup, I said food interview!

I don’t remember the year exactly…. It might have have been 1991 or 1992, the Pixies were playing a private show for Halloween here in Los Angeles at a club that was called 1970’s on Highland.  I found out about … Continue reading

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Ground Beef and Potato Tacos… top it with a dill pickle for happiness.

I was under the impression everyone knew how to make hard shell tacos.  My tia makes killer tacos, my future mother in law makes delicious tacos, my nina makes yummy tacos. Hell, even my neighbor who never cooks makes decent … Continue reading

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The Los Angeles Times I Food & Wine: The Taste had me flying.

  There I am.  Happy as a camper at The Taste.  It was little over a week ago I started planning which events I would attend.  I felt like a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time.  Giddy, … Continue reading

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My breakfast with Poty, Nescafe and a beautiful mug giveaway.

Smokey Robinson sang “People say I’m the life of the party cuz I tell a joke or two.” Well let me tell you this is EXACTLY THE CASE when Javier “Poty” Castillo is in the room.  Mr. “Poty” is surrounded … Continue reading

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A date for the Latina Cook-Off. Special ingredients: Pistachios and Bacon. PISTACHIO CHEESE FILLED DATES WRAPPED IN BACON!

I belong to a group of Latina bloggers, and within the group there are a few of us obsessed with food.  One of my blogging hermanas decided to call a Latina Cook-Off challenge. The only criteria is we use pistachios … Continue reading

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