I have been a busy bee this past week.  Catering dinner for a rock band, and not having a minute to relax.  When the french food celebration presented itself at Elysian Park, well how could I resist?  It was my first day off and I was ready to explore.  I found myself going from booth to booth seeking out my options.  Should I have the chicken mushroom crepe or the nutella crepe?  I settled on the chicken mushroom crepe, as if one wasn’t enough it was so good I had to order another.  With a semi full belly I knew I needed to satisfy a sweet tooth.  That’s when the heavens pointed me to Les Macarons Duverger….. OH MY YA YA’S. In one word. SPECTACULAR!  I polished off a pistachio macaron, salted caramel macaron, and blueberry lavender macaron within a couple of delicious minutes. French macarons are one of my favorite treats, and for a long time you could not find them here in Los Angeles, not until the last couple of years have they started to pop up more and more.  Les Macarons Duverger definitely are one of the best I have tasted here in the states.  Perfect in every way and gluten free.  Turns out they are now being sold at farmers markets all over town, and some fancy gourmet markets too.  That’s music to my ears…. I now know where to buy my macarons.   🙂

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley

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14 Responses to Macarons

  1. I so enjoy food celebrations and buying food from chefs, framers directly. It just taste better when you have met the person who created the food. I need to find a local to DC macaron bakery. Yum!

  2. Blueberry lavender!
    Holy mama, for sure.

  3. Maria Amelia says:

    I think I would go for the pistachio, too!

  4. I feel as if Macarons becoming a trend after that Gossip Girl episode. They’re several new shops in New York City that have opened since.

  5. woops– don’t mind my typos in that previous comment :/

  6. Nutella crepe! I am drooling! Love all things sweet. That salted caramel macaroons sounds scrumptious!

  7. Bren says:

    blueberry lavender?!?! that’s just not right! Pistachio work in just about anything so I’d like to try a diff flavor in these fancy cookies! Happy for you and your 1st cooking gig! I still remember mine!

  8. rachel says:

    blueberry lavender? i am obsessed with anything blueberry!!

  9. Mariana says:

    Those flavors sound heavenly! I don’t blame you for chowing down! 🙂

  10. Woo hoo! I’m going to have check out my local farmer’s market and see if they have them. Great suggestion. If all else fails, I’ll just have to go to LA… 😉

  11. Wow!! These look delish!!! I’d love to try the salted caramel one!!!

  12. Laz says:

    Best of luck with future cooking gigs.


  13. Wow! I can’t believe you found these! I’m dying to try the pistachio! YUM!

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