In the SNACK of time: Coffee and Croissant

SNACKAS of the day: Iced Latte Coffee and Croissant from Lee’s Sandwiches.  This coffee is a caffeine lovers dream come true.  I’ve had my share of espresso shots and many cups of turkish coffee, but the energy level provided by those types of coffees pale in comparison to the vibrance that Lee’s coffee brings.  You can literally feel the coffee entering your body and penetrating your senses to the height of ALERTING the energy bunny in you.  It’s the most unreal hyper burst of zero to sixty I’ve ever experienced.  Sometimes flying in the rafters is just what the day calls for.  Plus it perfectly sweetened with condensed milk… goes down smooth.  Oh, and while you’re at it, pick up a croissant at Lee’s too!

Photo taken by: Nicole Presley



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