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Shrimp Tacos with Key Lime and Orange love

  I’m a grilling girl now that summer has taken residence in my life.  As usual I was craving spice and mariscos.  It’s not just me, right? Summer has a knack of making you crave seafood too?  Shrimp tacos sounded … Continue reading

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In the SNACK of time: Yogurt, Fresh Cherries, and homemade Oatmeal Cookies

SNACKAS of the day: Oikos Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt by Stonyfield.  This creamy yogurt isn’t too sweet…. it’s delicious.  Lending it’s tanginess to sweet cherry companions. Heck, I thought an oatmeal cookie could join the crowd.  Not a 3rd wheel … Continue reading

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Mobile Farm, Film Workshop, “Art in the Streets” Exhibit at the MOCA. Food-Film series at Cinefamily!

There is a lot going on at the MOCA these days.  The amazing Art in the Streets exhibit is up and transported me from a Blade Runner-esque scene to a Nordic wolf dream.  But amongst the graffiti Levi’s has teamed … Continue reading

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Taco Truck Heaven: Taqueria “El Pecas”

  With the gourmet food truck craze going on strong here in Los Angeles, it’s easy to lose sight of the original pioneers that have been selling tacos from trucks for years.  Not I, Taco trucks still hold the key … Continue reading

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Salad Series: the big bite Red Fruit Ensalada!

Summer is officially here, and with it the melting heat.  When the weather outside has decided to go insane…. I usually crave something COOL, fruity, and refreshing with a crisp feeling.  Then my RED fruit salad steps in and saves … Continue reading

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Potato-Bacon Fritters and Eggs! Eat it for BREAKFAST or have it for DINNER!

I hold a pocket of memories close to my heart, and I had to reach in deep to pull this one out.  It was summertime 1980 and my Tia (Aunt) and Tio (Uncle) took myself and a few of my … Continue reading

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Alert your NINO… it’s Chicken Chile Verde on the stove tonight!

Traditionally chile verde is made with pork.  Nothing against the other white meat… I make chile verde that way as well, but my aunt Brilla is a selective eater and refuses to give pork a chance.  I didn’t want her … Continue reading

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The Great American Grilled Cheese has an Amazing Mexican cousin named: Quesadilla!

I have a quesadilla three to four times a week without fail.  This craving usually takes place around eleven O’clock at night.  First things first: I go into the kitchen and pull open the cheese drawer to see what I … Continue reading

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In the SNACK of time: Coffee and Croissant

SNACKAS of the day: Iced Latte Coffee and Croissant from Lee’s Sandwiches.  This coffee is a caffeine lovers dream come true.  I’ve had my share of espresso shots and many cups of turkish coffee, but the energy level provided by … Continue reading

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Salad Series: Beet Sandia Cucumber Salad in a Pura Miel Lime Dressing with a Blue Cheese Pistachio Mint dress up!

No words can describe how refreshing and sabroso this delightful salad is.  It will make you want to dance, jump rope, yodel, and make sand castles all in the same day!  Of course it will… the dressing has honey in … Continue reading

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