Donut Poppity Pops!

I celebrate life everyday, but when there is a party to behold not only will I be there with bells on, I intend to have a BALL!  This past weekend one of my cousin’s turned 25, and held a theme party (hence the pink Marie Antoinette wig).  I wanted to make something sweet, simple and fun since she was having a candy bar along with a tribe of other sweets that included cupcakes and cookie sandwiches.  Donut Poppity Pops…  You are the winner!  The perfect hybrid between a lollipop and something cakey sweet!

Photos taken by: Nicole Presley and Mando Lopez

Ingredients for Donut Pops:

24 – glazed donut holes (I used Winchell’s)

24- small marshmallows (I use Kraft)

24 – lollipop sticks

1 – 11.5 ounce bag of milk chocolate chips or white chocolate chips or both (I use Nestle)

1 – cup dyed coconut…. any color you like

candy sprinkles

Take a small marshmallow and push it an inch down lollipop stick then place/push donut hole on top.  Repeat until all donut holes are prepared.  Set to the side.

In a double boiler, or in a pot with boiling water and a metal bowl sitting on top, add chocolate chips and wait until they get shiny, then mix with a rubber spatula.  Mix constantly until chocolate is melted smooth.

Then take a donut pop and dip it into the melted chocolate.  Then hold chocolate covered donut pop over a plate and decorate with candy sprinkles or coconut or whatever else your heart desires.


Line a flat surface with wax paper and place decorated donut pop down for chocolate to dry/harden.  Continue making the next one and so on.  Let dry for 3 hours depending on weather.  If it’s super hot in your kitchen place in refrigerator.

That’s it…your done!  Take them to a party or enjoy your Donut Poppity Pops at home!


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8 Responses to Donut Poppity Pops!

  1. Ericka says:

    I LOVE this post! These look so fun to make! I need to borrow your wig! LOL!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast making and eating these donut pops! They look delcious, it would be hard to eat just one! 😉

  3. Jessica says:

    Made these last night. My nephew had his first communion Breakfast today and they were a hit. The kids loved them and the adults enjoyed them with their coffee!

  4. Catherine says:

    You are out of control with how cute you are (and how freaking delicious these look!) I’m seriously contemplating making these for Milo’s 3rd birthday in a few weeks (although, knowing him, he wouldn’t want to share any of them with his friends! ;))

  5. justine sandoval says:

    I must say nicole these doughnut pops were a total sucess! I want to thank you for making these for my birthday. Everybody loved them and they were devoured in less than 10 minutes…I loved the wig & love you, many thanks Nicole

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