In the SNACK of time: Cookies and Milk

Snackas of the day: Eleni’s “Beyond Butterscotch” cookies with a tall drink of milk.  What grabbed my attention initially to these cookies was the packaging.  I thought it to be super adorable and clever.  Once I tasted the actual cookie the packaging became secondary.  This little snackas holds the perfect blend of butterscotch with a twist of coconut.  It’s not a soft cookie, it’s the kind you dunk in milk or coffee!  Just as a warning, it will be incredibly hard to keep them in the house for longer than a day.  They will be GONE in no time!

Here’s a picture of the packaging: side view

A look up top….

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  1. Ericka says:

    I LOVE these! My favorite are the pink sugar cookies! 🙂

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