In the SNACK of time: Crackers, Cheese, and Jam

I reside in the HOUSE of SNACKS!  We refer to snacks as “SNACKAS”, a cute word my mom uses when she wants something to nibble on.  A little plate of scrumptious edibles lives in the center of my kitchen table, in the event that you need to pop something in your mouth at any given second!  I like it that way.  Some snackas are store bought and some are made here at home, but always changing.  From this point forward I will share what my household is snacking on….

SNACKAS of the DAY:  Raincoast Crisps by Lesley Stowe.  The best cranberry hazelnut cracker that is unrivaled when it comes to crunch!  I use theses crackers as a salad enhancer from time to time…. but today they are shining bright topped with goat’s milk cheddar cheese and fig jam.  YUM!  Wish you were here.

Here’s a picture of the cracker packaging.

All photos taken by: Nicole Presley



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