Shrimp Spring Rolls for LA CAUSA!

There’s nothing better than lending your time.  I found that out the fun way.  A friend of mine heads the organization “LA CAUSA” and was informing me of all the wonderful things they are doing to redirect the entire community.  They have formed a program called “Green the east side initiative- sustainable communities in East Los Angeles.”  They are making glorious strides in the east LA vicinity.  Having their hands in everything green,  from installing solar paneling into homes around the area to converting a local liquor store into a organic vegetable marketplace.  How inspiring!  I am thrilled over the moon that this positive movement is finally happening in my neck of the woods.  My next question was “how can I help?”  Collectively we thought it would be nice to introduce a small lesson of healthy snacking to the youth, in honor of Earth day.  I decided spring rolls would be my first presentation.  Compact, full of veggies, easy to make and flavorful.  Turns out the students loved the delicious rolls and were also honored by a visit from Senator Ed Hernandez, O.D.

What a superb day!


Ingredients for Shrimp Spring Rolls:

12 – rice wrappers

3 – cups hot water

24 – cooked shrimp (cleaned, peeled, and cut length wise in half)

6 – large romaine lettuce leaves (cut down the middle)

1 – large portobello mushroom (sliced into 12 pieces)

1 – red bell pepper (sliced into 24 pieces)

1 – carrot (julienne into 36 pieces)

1 – cup red cabbage (sliced very thin)

1/2 – cup chopped peanuts

1/2 – cup fresh cilantro leaves


Pour hot water in a large pan, then add 1 rice wrapper. Allow to soak on each side for 5 seconds, or until it is soft and pliable.

Then pull out of water and spread on to work surface. In the middle place 4 shrimp halves.

Then add 1 lettuce leaf, 1 piece of sliced mushroom, 2 strips of bell pepper, 3 strips of carrot, a very small handful of red cabbage, a teaspoon of chopped peanuts, and a few leaves of cilantro.

Fold top and bottom of rice wrapper, then fold the sides totally covering the filling. Roll like a burrito. Eat immediately.


Ingredients for Dipping Sauce:

1 – tablespoon sugar

2 1/2 – tablespoons fresh lime juice (about 4 limes)

1 – tablespoon Mizkan rice vinegar

1 – teaspoon chili garlic sauce

1 – teaspoon soy sauce


In a small bowl add sugar, lime juice and rice vinegar. Stir until sugar dissolves.

Then add chili garlic sauce and soy sauce.

Give it a good stir. Perfect companion to the shrimp spring roll!


Here are a handful of photos taken during the demonstration.

Making the dipping sauce and introducing the portobello mushroom for the first time to some of the youth, who had no idea what it was.

Hands on and ready to sink their teeth into the shrimp spring rolls!


Healthy and colorful… beautiful if you ask me!

Some of the students along with counselor Gabe, myself, Robert Zardeneta and Senator Hernandez.

*LA CAUSA is currently looking for low income home owners in East Los Angeles who are interested in solar paneling. Please contact Robert Zardeneta for more information on the requirements:



4 thoughts on “Shrimp Spring Rolls for LA CAUSA!”

  • Nicole, you have been a very busy girl! Every time I visit your site it makes me want to get in the kitchen but I just can’t decide which recipe to start with! These spring rolls look awesome and healthy too! I will have to try these very soon. Your dipping sauce sounds good and would go with egg rolls too! I am beginning to feel sorry for Mando……I bet his pants are starting to get a bit tight from all this wonderful food! I can’t wait to see what creation you will share with us next!

  • A million thank you’s for taking the time to share yourself with our young folks. I have great memories of you and Linda taking this little long-haired skinny kid under your wings and showing him that there is food beyond taco trucks, hostess snowballs, and Mickey’s malt liquor; art beyond CHAKA; and that films are more than just movies for folks too lazy to read. Hopefully, soon our youth will be afforded the opportunity to know you in the same capacity. Presley’s Pantry is truly one of East Los Angeles’ hidden gems that will soon find its place in happy kitchens everywhere!