Lime – Orange POW POW Margaritas!

I’m very sneaky when it comes to margaritas.  I like to make them really potent, but so tasty, you’d never know how much alcohol is actually floating around in your drink.  My margaritas go down smooth, and serve as the perfect thirst quencher, give it a minute or two and you’ll be checking back on your own reality, as many of my friends do when slurping down my sweet gal Margarita.  Me and Margarita have been good friends for a long time. Margarita is the sassy co-pilot I call on board when I feel an itching for a wild adventure.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be my adventure… I’m easily pleased sitting back and observing the influence Margarita takes on others as well.  Whether good or bad, it’s always interesting to watch who can resist her seduction, and who is enthralled by her alluring ways.

Here’s a funny story I relive by telling…..

In my early twenties, I worked for a high end post production studio where lots of celebrities would come in and do voice over work primarily for animated films, cartoons, and commercials.  You could imagine the insane demands we had to meet to make these people comfortable.  Naturally it was my job to keep the entire studio well supplied with all happiness relating to food and drink.  With a giddy bounce in my step I took that ball and ran with it.  In addition to the many treats I would whip up on a daily basis, every Friday afternoon I would up my game with a bigger bang.  This usually involved my dear friend Margarita.  Long story short…One Friday afternoon, a HUGE celebrity we all know and love comes walking through the door.  Along with greeting this celebrity (that I will not name), I offer him a margarita on the rocks that I had just made.  He looks at me with a cheshire grin, and then stares at the margarita for a long time.  Inside I’m doing somersaults just talking to him, so the idea that he is about to enjoy something I made is exciting.  Then he turns back to me, and says “I’m sorry, that margarita looks so delicious, but I really can’t.”  Still enthusiastic I say “Of course you can. I made it just for you. It’s amazing. This margarita will fly you to the moon. Drink it.”  His eyes went puppy dog sad, but still kept his grin to be polite then said “Wow. I would love nothing more than to drink that margarita, but darling I really shouldn’t.”  Me being the young buck that I was I said “Alright…Let me know if you change your mind” with a tone still trying to persuade him.  As he walked into his studio a few of my co-workers come running out, and say to me “Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know he just got out of rehab for being an insane alcoholic? He crashed and spun his car out on Mulholland Drive.”   I felt bad for tempting him with my luscious margarita.  No wonder he stared at it like a hungry wolf about to attack his prey.  Too bad he couldn’t control his alcohol… he missed out on a super yummy margarita.

I had a birthday this past weekend, and a few of my friends and some family decided to join me for a toast.  Of course I made margaritas, and like always…EVERYONE was in LOVE with Miss Margarita.  Here’s a photo of my birthday festivities….



Margarita Ingredients:

3 – cups tequila ( I use Cuervo 1800, or Cuervo gold )
3/4 – cup Cointreau
3/4 – cup triple sec
1 – cup Rose’s sweetened Lime Juice
2 1/2 – cups margarita mix
1 1/2 – cups orange juice (I use Florida Natural- no pulp)
3/4 – cup freshly squeezed lime juice (about 12 limes) – I save the rinds of the limes to put inside of the margarita pitcher
salt (optional)
sliced oranges for garnish (optional)

ice cubes

In a 11 cup pitcher mix in all ingredients including lime rinds. Salt the rim of your glass (Optional), add ice cubes and pour in margarita. Garnish with orange slice.




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